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Nail Your Chick

Men love attention…and so do your nails. Tonight I encouraged his “finishing touches” on my nails and this was the result. It started with the Undefeated symbol http://undftd.com on my pinkie and then he let loose. It was fun to learn what he thought was “dope” and to expose him of the technicalities of beauty … Continue reading

To Conceal or Reveal: Be the Woman for the Man you Want?

This adage seems blasphemous to the modern woman, who celebrates her individuality and Independence. It cuts deeper for my creatives in the world who wear their individuality on their sleeves. Shouldn’t the person who you falls in love with you love you for YOU? What does this have to do with Makeup? Everything! As a MUA and Sociologist, I … Continue reading

Caught Between the Two

You start letting yourself fall for him, and he happens to like your hair curly. You then run into an hot old flame and he likes your hair straight. What do you do? You do the heck what you want to do. It’s no secret that 2011 is the year for focus, and self preservation. … Continue reading