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Model Esmeralda De Pal: Depiktions.com Photoshoot

Depiktions.com Photoshoot with Model Esmeralda De Pal

Model Esmeralda De Pal, MUA Cherie Jolai

Model Esmeralda De Pal has plenty goodies in her bag when it comes to bringing talent, beauty and intelligence to the table. Her diverse mix of Mexican, Spanish, Indian and Black ethnicity made creating makeup looks an endless possibility. As a trained actress, she brings emotion and FACE to every shoot.

I first met Esmeralda a few years ago as my Bio30 T.A. at UCLA. Since, she has been sharing many other lessons with me (as any Philosophy major would have it).

Esmeralda De Pal is a model you need to watch, and a person you need to know.

Check out more photos here: 

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2 thoughts on “Model Esmeralda De Pal: Depiktions.com Photoshoot

  1. Niiiice!

    Posted by depiktions | March 22, 2012, 6:37 AM


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