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“It All Belongs to Me” Video Beauty Spotlight

Brandy and Monica on set of "It All Belongs to Me" Video

Beautiful Makeup on video, "It All Belongs to Me" video

Everything about the visuals in Brandy and Monica’s newest video, “It All Belongs to Me” is beautiful. Call me biased, but though Brandy and Monica are beauties in their own right they looked gorge in this feature. The 1998 Grammy-winning duo’s (“The Boy is Mine”) ultra high fashion look is a signal to the upcoming album releases. Monica’s album, “New Life” will drop April 10th, shortly before Brandy’s LP, due this Spring.

It All Belongs to Me Makeup

One word – Amazing. Let’s be honest, Video Director Chris Robinson put his touch on the lighting, cut-aways, and storyline, but the makeup is the highlight. Makeup artist Shieka Daley take their looks to a whole new level.

Hair and Styling

There is a play of romantic hair and edgy styling. The waves and curls compliment the “sweet” faces (intentions) of the stars, and the bold leather outfits draws the power of the action (damaging clothes and blowing up cars) in the video.

See more photos:

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Check out the entire behind the scenes story at rap-up.com

See for yourself. Watch the video below:

“It All Belongs to Me” Video



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