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Trailer Park Glam

“Trailer Park Glam” is a visually appealing trend of high-fashion styling with a rugged, desolate, or economically poor back drop that has been hitting the scenes in recent female pop and rap videos as well as editorial campaigns. Post-Modernism “Hood Rich”. Cash-Money Millionaires with “Bling, bling” comes to mind when having expensive cars and diamonds – but still living in the hood.

This Trailer Park Glam takes it a step further and removes the diamonds and cars, but gives powerful imagery of fierce makeup, styled hair, and the clothes on your back. Let’s face it – in today’s economy is not about what you have anymore – its about how much you can bring it and stand out against a rual field or grass, or a trailer home.

Other imagery summons the 50s, Marilyn Monroe – It’s a nod to nostalgia of bringing it back to simpler times.

Interesting strategy from the apparel and the cosmetic industry….

Music super stars such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and up-comer  self proclaimed “HollyHood”, Brianna Perry, and  Rita Ora are channeling this visual trend.

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Trailer Park GlamHollywood Hood




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