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I have always been a proponent of the “Natural Look” , with that said, I have extended my position from being natural (nails, hair, eye color, skin color – no tan) to ‘looking natural’. As long as it looks natural, than go ‘head.

I love false lashes for special occasions but I still haven’t carved the time out of my 15 minute morning routine to add strip lashes everyday, so jumped on the opportunity to get lash extensions

My personal experience: C, Results: A

First thing, the esthetician is a good friend of mine, so the 1.5 hour application was a great experience. I mean, who doesn’t love to do beauty with one of your favorite girlfriends?

It was broken down into two visits (I ran late due to some insanely, out-of-the-blue, more than usual westside traffic so I couldn’t finish before the shop closed). The first set of individual ‘S’ lashes was placed on the ends, so I Ieft the shop with a very natural winged look. 

Here is where the C grade came in: In a rush to hurry up and get out the door before the shop closed, I opened my eyes as soon as they finished. The vapor from the glue immediately began to sting the outside bottom corner of my eye. It was sore the next day, and red for the next two. The pain, and the redness went away, but I was addicted to the idea of the finished look.

Second application: Though I kept my eyes closed, and was prepared with the best of care – medical tape, lid / face pads, my other eye still burned in the same spot. Disclaimer: The glue is medical grade, and can only be applied by a licensed esthetician. Some people can be sensitive to the glue (like myself), but one may never know until it is applied. There is a ‘sensitive’ glue for people that do experience discomfort, but it is not as strong as the regular formula.  

Side Note: Call me a bit ‘cray , but I didn’t care because I had the two days for my eyes to clear before my party and I knew I was going to look beautiful for New Years Eve! I am very low-maintenance, so now I can get up every morning without makeup and still look bright-eyed, and cute- YES!

Daily maintenance: Separating the hairs – The eyelashes have true length, so sometimes they get crossed over the others and doesn’t look so “neat”. You can separate the lashes with your fingers, and it should be fine. Overall, you should try it. The price is pretty steep, but I’m considering replacing my monthly wax for the lashes.

I suggest these places: Great blow-out prices, and licensed / professional beauty experts:

fabuLASH by Mikki Bey : http://www.mikkibey.com/fabulash.html

Fantastic deal on Lifebooker: http://la.lifebooker.com/getloot/mikkibey_1

Crystal at Lashfully:  http://lashfully.com/lash-services



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