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To Conceal or Reveal: Be the Woman for the Man you Want?

This adage seems blasphemous to the modern woman, who celebrates her individuality and Independence. It cuts deeper for my creatives in the world who wear their individuality on their sleeves. Shouldn’t the person who you falls in love with you love you for YOU? What does this have to do with Makeup? Everything!

As a MUA and Sociologist, I love reality TV. Loove it. Some things may be scripted, but, that’s the fun part of trying to read through real emotions and seeing events unfold with PEOPLE. This morning, I watched Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker”.  The Ex-child Star, turned pole-instructor businesswoman turned to Patti after 3 failed marriages.


Patti’s lesson: “To attract the type of man you want, you have to look the part”.

Wild Child: “I quite like me, I don’t want to change” (Glitter makeup, stringy, long blond hair, bright clothes)

Fact: Men are visual, and first impressions last the longest.

The translation: Certain outfits calls for a specific makeup look to pull it together. Within these looks, it calls to conceal (your nose, sharpen your angles), or highlight (eyes, and cheekbones) to communicate and be clear of the look you’re going for.

Same thing in relationships, you have to put out the most dominate trait that communicates the quality that is most important to you (caring, patient) to reel these boys in, then you hit them with your other qualities (sexy, free spirited) as the plus (which is really you). Meaning, you being YOU is the sweet cherry on top that SPOILS them into falling in love with you.

Sometimes a makeover, or concealing certain qualities is the best face forward to get what you really WANT.

As a artist, if your client doesn’t feel comfortable with the makeover, then it is a fail. You have to be honest in the creative process and find what they can pull off, and the look you want to communicate. Otherwise, your client will look like this: Unhappy- which kills Everything!




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